Era on macos

By Team ERA on 01/19/2022

Since the release of the first public version of ERA in April 2021, we have been asked several times when we will release a version for macOs.

We are really proud to announce that since December 2021 we are working on a port of ERA for macOs. ERA is going to support the M1 processor of Apple, however as of writing this post we are still unsure if we are going to release an additional x86 version.

This is what it's currently looking like:


We are still having a few minor issues regarding the port, but we are looking forward to them being fixed in the following weeks. Beside that, a few macOs specific changes has to be made by us, including the repostioning of the application menu to the menu bar on the top.

At the beginning there will be a closed alpha version. If you are interested in participating, please tweet us @ERA_SH_ or email us directly at We will send you the closed alpha version as soon as we have it ready.

Giving out exact release dates is hard, but we think that a public alpha version will be ready by mid. February.

Until then, we wish you the best.