Our roadmap

By Alex on 10/18/2021

To complete our trilogy on the topics “Our Story” and “Our Vision”, “Our Roadmap” follows today. We would like you to participate in the development of ERA and always try to transparently inform you about our next planned steps. Our community and our users are the largest part of ERA and shape the development of new functions and optimizations. In the following picture, you get a rough overview of the topics that we will tackle in the next weeks and months.

We are currently working on the redesign of our website and blog. The launch of the new website will take place in the next few weeks, but we will continuously optimize the site and add functionalities over the near future.

Migration Manager

In addition to the redesign of our website, we are currently working on the migration manager, which should facilitate the migration from other note-taking tools to ERA. With just a few clicks, your saved documentation and notes should be available directly in ERA.

Draft sharing

Often it is not just you who need documentation in ERA, but also a colleague or a supervisor. To make this sharing process easier, we have planned a draft sharing function, which will make sharing and exporting your drafts super easy. This feature will be released in mid-December 2021. The other planned features and more details about the migration manager and draft sharing will be published separately in new blog articles over the next few weeks. Do you have any ideas, criticism, or feedback about ERA? Hit us up HERE.
Thank you for your support and feedback.You all help us a lot to improve ERA.