Our vision

By Kian on 09/15/2021

Writing, searching and reading technical notes while programming, documenting a process or attending a meeting should be easy. It should be so easy that you don’t even notice it. It should flawlessly integrate itself into your workflow and development environment.

No long loading times, distracting animations, sluggish user interfaces and hundreds of features that take away your focus.

Instead, a professional but simple application, that can be used right away without the need to be studied for hours. Running on your local machine, with your sensitive business data stored locally.

This is what our vision of ERA is and this is what we are building.

Being in the industry for more than five years, we noticed that the majority of note-taking solutions are not built in that way. They don’t respect your privacy, they only run in your browser and are mostly not targeted towards software engineers but the general population.

ERA is THE note-taking tool built for developers and engineers, and it will stay that way.

This article is part of our
“About ERA" -Trilogy and the last part “Our roadmap” will be released in two weeks.