Update 1.13.0

Posted on 07/04/2022

Since our last major update 1.12.0 it has been 3 months. 3 months of development, bug-fixing and improving of ERA. Now we present to you Version 1.13.0.

With Version 1.13.0 we implement our split-screen feature. Beside that, we release our native MacOS M1 port of ERA.

The full list of changes:


  • Added Split-screen feature: Users can now work in ERA and have a rendered preview side-by-side.
  • Added Split-screen shortcut: The shortcut CMD/CTRL+H will toggle the split-view mode on/off.
  • Added UI Improvements: We added a Return to Workspace Button, Hover-Effects and did Colour-Adjustments of various components.
  • Added Context-Menu: We added a Context-Menu to the drafts and workspaces, in which you can rename and delete Workspaces and Drafts.
  • Added Path in Titlebar (MacOS): In the titlebar you have now the current path displayed. It will be display by "ERA-WORKSPACE - DRAFT".


  • Fixed New-Draft Shortcut: When pressed CMD/CTRL+N while being in a Draft, unsaved progresses got discarded. A warning appears now.
  • Fixed Modal Submit with Enter: You can now submit modals with the enter-button.
  • Fixed the update check notification box as it sometimes would popup twice
  • Fixed error-display bug in the "create new workspace modal"
  • Fixed new-draft-abort toolbar bug, when aborting the creation of a new draft the editor toolbar was still on display
  • Fixed rename draft: it was possible to rename a draft with an empty name
  • The update manager under Linux has been temporary removed as it would sometimes not work. Will be fixed in the future


  • Changed the positions of the editor-toolbar buttons
  • Changed the scrollbar color to better match the app theme

Check out our Version History: https://era.sh/versionhistory