Update 1.14.0

Posted on 10/30/2022

A lot of new improvements and features have been implemented into ERA over the past few weeks and months. Now we present to you Version 1.14.0.

With Version 1.14.0 we overhauled the UI of our app, replaced the old toolbar with a new, more intutive one and added some new features.

The full list of changes:


  • Added New UI: We gave the user interface of our app a new look.
    • We redesigned the toolbar
    • New editor theme
    • New editor font
    • New screen states (workspace overview + draftspace)
    • Redesigned the draft-sidebar
    • Changed the snackbar colors
    • New dialog modals
  • Added Backup Manager: On launch, ERA creates a backup of your database, which can be recovered at anytime.
  • Added Pin Feature: Users can now pin their most important drafts to the top, for easy accessability.
  • Added Go Back Shortcut: We added a new shortcut (cmd / ctrl + backspace) to return back to the workspace overview from your draftspace.
  • Added Moveable Drafts: You can move now your drafts from a workspace to another.


  • Fixed CMD/CTRL + A inside modal: It was not possible to use the shortcut CMD/CTRL + A inside a modal to select all text.
  • Delete Draft wrong alert: When a user deleted a draft with unsaved changes, the wrong alert got displayed

Whats next?

We have planned a lot of more for the future. Check out our Roadmap for our future features and improvments.

Version History

If you are curious what we have released in the past you have the possibility to check out our Version History.