Update 1.14.1

Posted on 11/19/2022

We have been working the last weeks on some improvments for ERA. Now we present you Version 1.14.1

The full list of changes:


  • Changed the rendering / styling in view-mode: Notes are now better formatted and styled.
  • Added JSON for syntax highlighting in markdown code blocks
  • New draft - scroll in view: When a new draft is created, ERA will automatically scroll down to bring the draft into your view.
  • Context Menu - Details: You can now see details about your draft (create date, word count, char count)
  • Context Menu - Export Draft: You can now export drafts also via the contextmneu


  • Delete workspace - content bug: When the user deletes a workspace, the containing drafts did not got removed from the database.
  • Move draft: When only one workspace is available, there was no message that the draft can't be moved, just an empty dropdown-box.
  • Update error handling: Fixed issues witht the update-notification mechanism if an error occurs.

Whats next?

We have planned a lot of more for the future. Check out our Roadmap for our future features and improvments.

Version History

If you are curious what we have released in the past you have the possibility to check out our Version History.