Version 1.9.0

By Team ERA on 08/27/2021

Today is the release of version 1.9.0 of ERA.
After receiving a lot of feedback, we started to improve some small things, in order to enhance the usability.

Fixed bugs:

  • List numbering issue in a draft
    A user reported to us that the numbering in lists did not work. Instead of numbers, ERA would display bullet points.
    We have now fixed this bug, and this change also retroactively affects all drafts that contain numbered lists.

  • Draft search (CTRL + F) did not work while editing a draft
    Another bug was reported to us by an attentive user that the search function (CTRL + F) does not always work. The exact scenario was that the user was in the draft editor and couldn't search for other drafts using the shortcut.
    This has been fixed now.

New feature:

  • Remember window size
    If a user changed the window size of ERA, it was not restored after a restart of the application.
    Instead, the user had to resize the window again.
    With our new function, the window size is saved and ERA is exactly as you left it when you restart it.

The next update will be released in September. You can find more information on this in our Weekly Reports, which will follow shortly.