Why ERA is better than Notion

Posted on 04/25/2022

We get asked a lot why ERA is better than Notion. There are many things. To make a short summary we are creating this post.


When we started to validate the idea of ERA, we checked all competitors, to see their pros and cons. As we checked out notion, we were literally in shock. The UI and UX are awful. They even confessed that in their latest newsletter.


When your product is overwhelming to new users, something is wrong with the UI/UX. There is no need to show your users how other people are using it. That's a fundamental problem. A problem that we have fixed while planning our tool. With ERA we push simplicity and intuitiveness to the front.

ERA is easy to use

You open ERA and immediately know what's going on, where to click and how to start taking notes. ERA supports Github-flavored markdown Sort your drafts inside workspaces to keep them structured We offer syntax highlighting to make your code blocks perfectly readable The UI is intuitive, you know where to click at first glance - without studying the software or reading any documentation.

Your daily work is already complex enough. Note-taking and documentation should make your work life easier, not add even more complexity to it.

Target Group

Notion is aiming for a broad target group that includes bloggers, cooks, gamers, mechanics, freelancers, and many more. You cannot satisfy every user with a single solution. It will always end in a horrible experience. ERA is a tool for professionals and those who are on their journey to become professionals. We are focusing on a certain niche: developers and engineers. You and me.


All the features that we offer, and will implement shortly, are important to the daily workflow of a developer. We don't want a bloated UI. There is no need for millions of features that no one asked for. All of ERA's features are user-requested and validated through a strict process. We will keep it handy, small, simple, and intuitive forever. For the next updates we have planned a lot of amazing stuff: Splitscreen See the rendered results side by side with your code

  • Import Import your own .md files right into ERA

  • Scratch Pad Write fast notes without the need of sorting them into workspaces

  • MathJax Graph your math equations and formulas

  • Filter / Sorting Filter and sort your drafts inside ERA

  • MermaidJS Create diagrams and visualizations using text and code

  • Sharing Share your drafts with others

Forget Notion

Never struggle again, with bloated and complex monsters like Notion. Boost your productivity and make your daily workflow easier and more structured. ERA is currently in a public beta. Try it now for free Sign Up