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ERA is your go-to solution for streamlined note-taking and knowledge management.

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Notes and documentation are incredibly personal and containing sensitive data. Other solutions do not value this. With ERA, all your notes stay under your control.

Complete Data Ownership

All your notes are stored locally on your machine. You are in full control.

Non-Proprietary Format

ERA uses Markdown, which is supported by many platforms like GitHub and Reddit.

Multi Platform Support

ERA is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Get Work Done Faster

Work more efficiently and save time with a simple and light UI.

Markdown Support

Markdown Support

Markdown makes writing and styling easy, fast and consistent. Stop looking for styling buttons, and other distracting obstacles start getting into the flow of writing.

No more wasting time with styling

Stay in the flow of writing

Markdown Support

Syntax Highlighting

Find and read your code as easy as in your code editor. ERA supports all major languages such as JavaScript, Python, Rust, Golang, PHP and many more.

Find and read your code easier

All your favorite languages

Markdown Support

Versatile Tool

With ERA you work faster, more concentrated and more organized. It can be easily and conveniently integrated into everyday work and blends in with your other tools.

Stay focused and work more efficiently

All your notes and documentation in one place

Supercharge your productivity

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