Frequently Asked Questions

Is ERA free to use?

Yes, as long as ERA is in BETA, it will be free to use.

Do I need an Account to use ERA?

No. As long as ERA is in Beta, there is no login or sign up required to use ERA and therefore no account is needed.

Does ERA sync my data to a cloud server?

No. All of your files are stored locally on your machine. There is no syncing of data whether to nor any other cloud provider.

Where and in which format is my data stored?

Your data is stored in a sqlite3 database in a folder called “era-app” in your home directory:
Windows: C:/Users/$USER/era-app
macOS: /Users/$USER/era-app
Linux: /home/$USER/era-app
In this folder you will find a file called “era.db”. You can open it with any tool that can read sqlite3 databases.

What is the current development state of ERA?

ERA is currently in a public beta; it is stable to use,
and its base features will remain the same.
Currently we are working on new features and improve the experience.

Will ERA be available on iOS and Android?

Yes! But there is no date at the moment.

I have further questions that are not listed here and/or I need support.