Whats planned for our next release

Posted on 04/19/2024

It has been a couple of months since the release of ERA 2.3 so with this post we wanted to share a few updates on what we are currently working on for the next release of ERA, which will be ERA version 2.4.

Below is a small list of what features we have planned:

MathJax support

This feature was on our list from very early on. If you don't know what MathJax is, MathJax is basically a notation form - similar to markdown - for writing mathematical expressions. For example, the following MathJax expression [ y = x_1 \lor x_2 ] would be rendered like this:

The next release of ERA will contain support for MathJax! Especially if you are a student studying a field that is math heavy or work in machine learning, you will find this feature very useful.

Hint: If you are a student, make sure to checkout our student discount!

Table of contents for drafts

Drafts that contains many headings will have a table of contents sidebar, that can be collapsed in order to have a better overview of the draft.

Offline activation of ERA

Starting from ERA version 2.4, it will be possible to activate ERA completely offline by using your license key. While right now during the first launch of ERA on a new machine, you have to login using your account, in the future you can additionally use your license key that you can download in your accounts dashboard.

PDF Export

Currently every draft can be exported either as its original markdown source or as an styled or unstyled html document. With ERA version 2.4 we will add another option to the export manager: PDF export.

Many more to come

Like with every release we also add smaller features as we develop. If there is anything that in your opinion is missing from ERA, feel free to contact us!